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ITK SYSTEM is a provider of technical solutions for offices of any size: from small start-ups to large infrastructure enterprises

About US

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We are a young fast-growing international system integrator. Our key areas of expertise provide: deliverance of IT-equipment, provision of IT-services, architectural design solutions and structuring of data-centers




We work with largest companies around the globe and provide guarantied service in locations of distributed equipment

Distribution of Servers and Network Area Storages
Distribution of large array assortments of servers and NAS from leading manufacturers

Distribution of PC’s and its’ accessories
Computers, Laptops, All-In-Ones for Your Own custom goals and tasks

Distribution of Network equipment and VoIP-communication devices / Polycom Phones
Switches, Routers, Wireless system equipment, Passive Network equipment, KVM equipment. Conference call equipment, IP PBX, Telephones

Distribution of Climate Control equipment
Air-conditioning systems, Air-vents system equipment, Heating Equipment

Distribution of IT Racks and Closets
Power Surge Protection from an office PC all the way to Data-Center. Server Closets, Communication Closets, Electrical Closets

Distribution of peripherals and projection equipment
Monitors, TVs, Printers, Scanners, Multifunctional devices, Plotters, Office supplies, Interaction Boards, Interaction Desks, Interaction Floors, Projectors and screens, Videowalls, Audio equipment

Comprehensive technical support of the company’s IT infrastructure
Equipment setup and maintenance
Continuous monitoring of system performance
Organizational setup of the Local Area Network for the enterprise

Print Outsourcing:
Secure Copy Printing services – are one of the leading key areas in our business.
We offer you uninterrupted printing of documents in your office, regular maintenance of printing equipment, timely delivery and refilling of cartridges – you pay only for the prints actually made.


Analysis of IT infrastructure and efficiency of IT services
Diagnostics of the entire information and computing complex of the enterprise.
According to the results of the survey, our specialists will provide a comprehensive expert opinion on the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole CPI for the entire enterprise

Today, data processing equipment and high-performance computing systems are becoming increasingly relevant for the service and manufacturing sectors. And in such conditions, the most important task becomes the arrangement of engineering infrastructure that combines efficiency and economy

Data centers are not a collection of individual solutions, but a single system where all components interact with each other. The main feature of design and construction is the creation of an optimized structure and the application of a systematic approach in order to build a high-quality network and engineering infrastructure

Our experienced specialists will select for you a wide range of industry solutions for data centers. Extensive experience in building data centers for organizations and enterprises operating in various sectors of the economy allows us to perform the entire range of work in full compliance with current regulations, requirements and budget of the Customer

We provide a full cycle of software development and support from any stage of the life cycle on modern platforms and technologies. We connect to development projects at any stage, optimize the work of existing software, implement new functionality and integrations, modernize the network, deploy cloud infrastructure, test and monitor software performance. You focus on the development of your business by entrusting the development of your OT systems to us


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